An August 4th date has been set to consider owner Milton McGregor’s bid to reopen VictoryLand, while the state’s AG office is working to try and block the action, as well as appeal a previous ruling that determined unequal enforcement of Alabama’s gambling laws at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

Alabama Judge sets hearing for VictoryLand reopening

Once again, Circuit 15 Judge William Shashy will be hearing arguments from the state’s Attorney General office justifying the legality of the 2013 police seizure of Alabama businessman Milton McGregor’s VictoryLand assets.

The state continues to maintain that the 1,615 machines confiscated are illegal, while McGregor’s attorney’s argue that the devices are electronic bingo machines allowed under a referendum previously approved by Macon county voters.

Judge Shashy bypassed ruling on the legality of the machines by dismissing the state’s petition for forfeiture, and giving the AG’s attorney’s a heated condemnation of the original 2013 raid stating, “The Court cannot condone or perpetuate unequal treatment.”